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Young Leadership Council

A New Orleans based non-profit devoted to improving quality of life in the region and developing young professional leadership through volunteer service work. 


Young Democrats of America's College Caucus is devoted to representing the concerns of democratic students across the country.

A website devoted to creating a platform for the IBD Community. Articles written by Grady Stewart. All visual content created by the Health Union Creative and UX Team.

Health Union

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation's National Council of College Leaders advocates for the IBD community in local communities, on college campuses, and on a national level.

Texas State Votes Website

A website created by myself and Olivier Dejoie to promote student voter turnout at Texas State University. Created at the request of Erin Zwiener's campaign.

Create Lab

Create Lab is a capstone Digital Advertising course at LSU. With a team, I produced a marketing plan for All Styles, a dance film shot in Baton Rouge.  

IBD Sticker Pack

A collection of iMessage stickers developed for Apple devices to promote IBD awareness.


TEDxLSU is a yearly event promoting the spread of great ideas through the community. Volunteering with TEDxLSU, contact with diverse professionals encouraged me to reflect on my own communication practices. Through the Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) program, I have developed and applied my communication skills across disciplines. 

1860 Creative

An internship with LSU undergraduate admissions where I created digital graphics like those featured. 

Visual Communication

A sampling of my work in visual communication featuring a variety of design principles.

All graphics shown created by Grady Stewart.

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